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EM016 Passive Shooting Hearing Protector



Passive noise reduction

excellent sound insulation material, the Slim Earcup design also allows for full clearance of harmful noise.(Noise above 82 decibels can irreversibly damage a person's hearing)

Comfortable ear pad material and excellent user experience

Rubberized surface cup for super comfortable touching

Snap-in Ear Cushions make replacement easily

Compact Adjustable Headband design, easily stored carry

Noise reducing rate:



EM 016 Passive Hearing Protector is designed for woodworking / mowing / construction / industrial work

The Importance of Passive Shooting Hearing Protector

Shooting sports offer excitement, precision, and camaraderie. Whether you’re an avid hunter, a competitive shooter, or simply enjoy spending time at the range, one aspect that should never be overlooked is the protection of your hearing. The sound of gunfire can reach dangerously high levels, causing irreversible damage to your hearing if left unprotected. That’s where shooting ear defenders come into play. These specially designed devices are essential for safeguarding your ears from the loud noises associated with shooting.

Ear protection for shooting is crucial for guarding against the extremely dangerous noises that weapons produce. Every single gunshot has the potential to cause permanent hearing damage. Whether you're a casual shooter or a seasoned veteran, we have an extensive range of ear plugs and ear muffs to suit your needs and protect your hearing. View all products.

Passive Shooting Hearing Protector Details:

Passive Shooting Hearing Protector

Passive Shooting Hearing Protector Advantages:

◆ Upgrade on noise reduction - Maximum 30db of noise reduction. The composite housing and upgraded sound-dampening foam prevent harmful sound from reaching your ears, and the specially designed larger ear cups and foam ear cushions allow for a closed head seal. Maximize your hearing protection from loud noises.

◆ Stable and Comfortable Fit - Thickened wide cups with ultra-soft padded ear cushions, also the ergonomic headband has a thick layer of padding which helps the headphones fit snugly in your ears without pressure. High quality rubber paint earmuffs let you have a better touch and are more durable.

◆ Wide range of application scenarios - EM016 Passive Hearing Protector is used in noise environments such as Farming Gardening Machining Maintenance Hunting Shooting Tactical sites.

◆ Replaceable snap-in ear cushion - The ear pad can be moved separately and the snap-in structure allows users to replace or upgrade it at any time.

◆ Rubberized Coating - The passive earmuffs use high-quality rubber paint, which has a better touch than other earmuffs and better protection that will not fade when exposed to the irradiation of UV for a long time and effectively reduces scratches in outdoor environments.

◆ Slim ear cup - The tight and impact inner components make the ear cup with a slim structure that will not block normal work.

◆ Folding structure - Folding structure allows shooters to carry the passive ear muffs conveniently, and it fits easily into a carry-on backpack. 

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Custom Passive Shooting Hearing Protector Service

It is very important to wear passive hearing protection when shooting or hunting, as the sound of a firearm can reach levels that are harmful to hearing. Even a single gunshot can produce enough noise to cause permanent hearing damage. Hearing loss can have a significant impact on your quality of life, making it difficult to communicate with others, enjoy music and other sounds, and even affect your ability to perform your job. We offer a customized passive shooting hearing protector to meet your specific needs.

1. Passive Shooting Hearing Protector Specifications

Noise reduction modePassive noise reduction
Noise reduction rateNRR 25 dB, SNR 30dB
Ear cup materialDurable ABS
Headband materialEVA & nylon elastic material
Ear cushionReplaceable gel filler ear pads
Net weight0.365kg
WaterproofingIPX 4
CertificatesCE ANSI ROHS FCC

2. Passive Shooting Hearing Protector Colors:

EM016 Passive Shooting Hearing Protection is Available in Five Colors

3. Passive Shooting Hearing Protector Accessories:

Customized Content For EM016 Bluetooth Shooting Hearing Ear Protector

4. Passive Shooting Hearing Protector Packaging Type:

Three Packages For EM016 Passive Shooting Hearing Protection

5. Passive Shooting Hearing Protector Process

Custom structure:Option:
LogoSprayed Printed / coining
Ear cupColor/pattern
HeadbandPu / EVA & Nylon texture / Other
Ear padFoam pad/gel filler pad
PackingColor box/zip case / white box
Other spare partscolor
Deep customization:Function development/Structure design/Bluetooth name/Mode design/Etc.

Passive Shooting Hearing Protector can help reduce the risk of hearing damage by reducing the level of noise that reaches the ears. It’s important to wear hearing protection consistently whenever you are exposed to loud noise from shooting or hunting activities. By doing so, you can enjoy your activities while also protecting your hearing for years to come.

How Do I Choose the Right Passive Shooting Hearing Protector For My Needs?

Choosing the right passive shooting hearing protector involves considering factors such as the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), comfort, and convenience and the type of activity you are participating in. The NRR is a measure of how much noise reduction a particular device can provide and is listed on the packaging. The higher the number the more sound is blocked.  Comfort is important, as the device should fit snugly but comfortably in the ear or over the ear. Convenience factors such as portability and ease of use should also be taken into consideration. 

Here are some tips on how to choose the right passive shooting hearing protector:

◆ Determine the level of noise: The first step in choosing passive hearing protection is to determine the level of noise you are exposed to. You can use a decibel meter to measure the noise level. This will help you choose a device with the appropriate Noise Reduction Rating (NRR).  You do not want to block more sound than is necessary for safety.

◆ Consider the duration of exposure: The longer you are exposed to loud noise, the greater the risk of hearing damage. If you are exposed to loud noise for extended periods of time, you may need a device with a higher NRR.

◆ Choose the right type of device: There are two types of passive hearing protection available, earplugs and earmuffs. Earplugs are typically more portable and discreet, while ear muffs may provide greater protection but may be less comfortable.

◆ Choose a comfortable fit: Passive hearing protection should fit comfortably and securely to provide maximum protection. Make sure to choose a device that fits well and does not cause discomfort.

◆ Consider other factors: Other factors to consider when choosing passive hearing protection include compatibility with other forms of protective equipment (such as eyewear), ease of use, and cost.

By considering these factors, you can choose the right passive hearing protection to meet your specific needs and protect your hearing from loud noises during shooting and hunting activities. Start buying now.

Frequently Asked Questions about Passive Shooting Hearing Protector

Q: What Is a Passive Shooting Hearing Protector and How Does It Work?

A: Passive Shooting Hearing Protector refers to devices that are designed to reduce the sound level that enters the ear, without the use of electronic components or power sources. Passive earmuffs are usually circumaural or over-the-ear protection. These earmuffs use cups that are filled with sound-absorbing material to reduce the sound level. When placed over the ear, the device creates a seal that prevents sound waves from entering the ear canal at full strength, reducing the overall sound level.

Q: Why do I need ear protection for gun shooting?

A: A gunshot produces 140 decibels, about the same as a jet engine. Even for the milliseconds the shot occurs, such a loud noise is enough to cause permanent hearing loss. This is why you should always wear ear protection for shooting. Even in the outdoors when hunting or practice shooting, you need to have certified hearing protection designed specifically for shooting. At ZH Tech, we have world-class quality shooting ear protection tested and certified by experts to make sure your hearing is safe whenever you get cracking. If you are looking for something portable and effective, our range of earplugs for shooting and hunting is perfect.

Q: Passive Vs Active Hearing Protection?

A: There are mainly two types of hearing protection that a person will use. They are active hearing protection or passive hearing protection. Active hearing protection is also known as electronic hearing protection. On an active hearing protection device, there is an electronic component that will either amplify or deaden the noise. Passive hearing devices which are more common, do not have any electronic component to them. They are simply designed to be worn to deaden or suppress dangerous noises that are hazardous to your hearing health.

Q: What is the Difference Between Passive and Electronic Hearing Protection?

A: Passive hearing protection uses materials that absorb or attenuate sound waves to reduce the overall sound level, while electronic hearing protection uses built-in microphones and speakers to actively cancel out harmful sounds while allowing speech and other non-harmful sounds to be heard. Passive hearing protection is generally less expensive than electronic hearing protection but does not offer the same level of situational awareness. Passive ear protection is a great option for hearing protection when communication is not desired. They can be used in many settings including mowing your lawn and at the range.

Q: How Do I Properly Maintain and Care For My Passive Hearing Protection?

A: Proper maintenance and care for passive hearing protection involves keeping the device clean and in good condition. Earplugs should be replaced regularly and earmuffs should be wiped down with a clean cloth. If the device becomes damaged or shows signs of wear and tear, it should be replaced immediately. ZH Tech Ears earmuffs have a modular design making it easy to replace worn components instead of discarding the ear muff, saving you time and money.

Q: What Are Some Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using a Passive Shooting Hearing Protector? 

A: Some common mistakes to avoid when using a passive shooting hearing protector include:

◆ Not wearing the device properly: It’s important to ensure that earplugs are inserted into the ear canal correctly and that earmuffs are placed over the ears properly. If the device is not worn correctly, it may not provide adequate protection.

◆ Using a device with the incorrect NRR: The Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is a measure of how much noise reduction a device can provide. It’s important to choose a device with the correct NRR to provide adequate protection but not too much to create an unsafe environment.

◆ Removing the device too soon: It’s important to keep the device in place until you are in a safe, quiet environment. Removing the device too soon can increase the risk of hearing damage if there is an unexpected loud noise.

◆ Not replacing the device when it becomes damaged: If the device becomes damaged or shows signs of wear and tear, it should be replaced immediately. A damaged device may not provide adequate protection.

◆ Failing to use the device consistently: Passive hearing protection should be worn consistently whenever you are exposed to loud noise. Failing to use the device consistently increases the risk of hearing damage.

EM016 Passive Shooting Hearing Protector

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