Who are we?

ZH Tech is one of the top PPE enterprise in China, focusing on the production of hearing protection. ZH is located in Zhejiang Province, China, the industrial belt of hearing protectors. We own sufficient human resources, technical resources and material resources. Our main products include passive hearing protector, electronic hearing protector, bluetooth hearing protector, hearing protect earplug, electronic earplug.

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How about us?

How about us?

We are the leader in the field of electronic hearing protection earmuffs in China. From research and development to quality control, we have a mature system that includes professional production and quality control specialists, a strict quality control system, a series of AOI testing equipment, an electronic acoustic device analyzer, aging tester. All of our products are produced to strict international standards and all of them have CE EN352, ANSI, FCC, ROHS certificates, etc.

We own 9000㎡ factory, 4 owned brands, 100+ patents, 20+ R&D personnel, 30+ market specialists, 300+ production personnel, as well as a number of cooperative suppliers and service providers. We provide customers with a full range of product development and production solutions. We provide a variety of customization services, from basic trademark printing to style design and function customization. 3 Days get a sample for normal customization, and 30 days get the sample for deep customization. Most products support a minimum order of one piece. The monthly capacity is 100,000 sets.

Our partners are located in more than 60 countries around the world, with more than 3000 small and medium-sized brands, 40+ nationally famous brands, and 10+ internationally famous brands.


Plant Area


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R & D Personnel


Marketing Specialist


Production Staff

Production Base

A production headquarters covering 9000 ㎡ square meters in Hangzhou, China, three located in production branches in other cities. Monthly production capacity of 100,000 sets and has a comprehensive supply network.


  • Production Base
  • Production Base
  • Production Base
  • Production Base

Product Development

We own a professional marketing team and research and development team, currently has more than 100 patents about hearing protection.Ensure continuous iteration of the product. At least two new models are developed every quarter.

Product Development

Product Development

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AOI Testing

AOI Testing

AOI Testing

Aging Testing

AOI Testing

Electronic Acoustic Testing

Quality Control System

We own a series AOI testing equip, electronic acoustic device analyzer, aging tester to strictly control the product quality also built a modern quality management system which is in strict accordance with international standards. All of our products have CE, ANSI, FCC certificates.


We have 16 years of foreign trade experience in hearing protection products. So far, We have cooperated with

Service Experience

Mission  Support your brand more grandness

We provide you with differentiated products and provide you with products that far exceed industry quality. In addition, our marketing team and R&D team will constantly collect customers' preferences to improve products, so that your products can always maintain advantages We also have enough ability to work with you to develop new products, and we warmly welcome your suggestions.

In terms of service, we guarantee to provide stable supply capacity, the fastest after-sales service, and the most complete data and documents.

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Customer Focus

Exceed customers’ expectations through a commitment of continually improving our products and services.

Continuous innovation

Always keep enterprising, with better and better products to meet the needs of customers.

Quality Products

Offer the marketplace a broad range of high-quality, cost-effective and durable products of superior craftsmanship.

Marketplace Recognition

We earn the respect, admiration and loyalty of our employee, customers, and suppliers by treating them with dignity and respect, embracing diversity and developing and maintaining long-term partnerships.

The Story About Us



In 2006

2006, the year of spring in china, ZH founder Leo Xu realized that China, like a giant beast, was barging into the world economy at high speed and had a growing number of industrial workers. It must be a good idea to provide protection for them. Then, ZH Tech was found and started producing hearing protector.


In 2010

After years of hard working, ZH earn the trust of client via the good quality and good faith. ZH ranks in the first class of hearing protection production factory. At the same time ZH expanded the production base, the headquarters is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.


In 2013

ZH started product independent research and development. In the second year, the first version of electronic shooting hearing protection got great success in foreign market. ZH set up a mission “support your brand more grandness ”, by provide client with the best product.


In 2016

More models were developed soon, many of them turned in to popularity in the future. ZH products with excellent cost performance and excellent quality successfully win a large number of overseas client. By the year of 2016, ZH had made business with more than 60 countries around the world.


In 2023

We have a lot of like-minded partners, and hope to help more partners with their business. We are still in constant pursuit of better product quality, better service.

The journey is not over yet ,we still on the road. looking forward to your joining us.