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EM025 Electronic Shooting Hearing Protection


Military Hearing Protection Function:

Digital noise reduction

In addition to excellent sound insulation material, it is equipped with the latest acoustic inside, which can reduce. The volume you receive will never exceed 82db (Noise above 82 decibels can irreversibly damage a person's hearing)

Amplify surrounding sound to save levels

The inner chip would accept and amplify the ambient sound that allows you to get clear sounds of prey or commands.

Noise reducing rate:


Walkie talkie
It can be upgraded with a walkie-talkie, a signal transmission range:3 miles.

Military Hearing Protection Application

EM 025 hearing protector is designed for shooting/hunting / tactical / military.

Military Hearing Protection Features

Military Hearing Protection

Military Hearing Protection

Walkie talkie attachment

EM025 Military Electronic Ear Protection can be equipped with a walkie talkie attachment, which allows you to communicate with your team. The range of signal transmission is up to 3 miles.

5X sound amplification

Military Hearing Protection makes you get a clearer animal and other tiny environmental sounds. And 2 directional microphones help you accurately detect the source direction of the sound, ideal for indoor & outdoor shooting, and hunting in the field.

Replaceable snap-in ear cushion

The ear pad can be moved separately and the snap-in structure allows users to replace or upgrade it at any time.

Rubberized Coating

This flexible ear cup uses high-quality rubber paint, which has a better touch than other earmuffs and better protection that will not fade when exposed to the irradiation of UV for a long time and effectively reduce scratches in outdoor environments.

Slim ear cup

The tight and impact inner components make the ear cup with a slim structure which will not block the shooter's movement

Folding structure

The folding structure allows shooters to carry the earmuff conveniently, and it fits easily into a carry-on backpack. 

Military Hearing Protection Specifications

Process and technical parameters
Noise reduction modeDigital active noise reduction
Noise reduction rateNRR 23 dB, SNR 28dB
Ear cup materialDurable ABS
Headband materialEVA & nylon elastic material
Ear cushionReplaceable gel filler ear pads
Net weight0.365g
WaterproofingIPX 4
CertificatesCE ANSI ROHS FCC

Military Hearing Protection

Customized service-Military Hearing Protection

Military Hearing Protection

Military Hearing Protection

Start Your Customization!

Military Electronic Ear Protection Flexible Customization:

Custom structure:Option:
LogoSprayed Printed / coining
Ear cupColor/pattern
HeadbandPu / EVA & Nylon texture / Other
Ear padFoam pad/gel filler pad
PackingColor box/zip case / white box
Other spare partscolor
Deep customization:
Function develop
Structure design
Bluetooth name
Mode design

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