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Active Noise Reduce Shooting Hearing Protector

This hearing protector are equipped with 2 omnidirectional microphones and an advanced chip, so it can clearly amplify the surrounding low-level sounds. This is the first option for most shooters if you're tired of taking off your earplugs or earmuff when somebody talks to you at the gun ranges.

Reliable Workmanship Quality: This adjustable shooting headphones are made of high-quality rubber paint. The headband of the earmuffs uses artificial leather and is stitched by hand. All materials come with military level, you don't have to worry that it will break easily, and it will be more durable than other earmuffs. The stainless steel frame makes it stronger and will not deform.

Safe Multi-purpose Application:ANSI S3.19-1974 CERTIFIED by US standard. CE EN352-1; EN352-4, EN352-6 CERTIFIED by European standard.

Noise reducing rate:

NRR 22dB SNR 27dB


Shooting / hunting / tactical / military.


EM026 Elecrtonic Shooting Hearing Protector

More advanced digital chips

Sensitive Active Earmuffs:For shooting hearing protection,we designed a better electronic safety earmuffs.  Noise reduction rating is 22 dB.  It provides active noise reduction effectively.  When the surrounding noise exceeds 82dB,it will actively reduce the noise within 0.005 seconds

5X sound amplification

It makes you get a clearer animal and other tiny environmental sounds. And 2 directional microphones help you accurately detect the source direction of the sound, ideal for indoor & outdoor shooting, and hunting in the field.The volume control button is designed to adjust the amplification effection based on your needs to adapt to different occasions(Most of noise cancelling earmuffs have no such amplification function). It is designed with stereo sound which makes sound heard through internal amplifiers more stereo, realistic and clear and the comfortable ear pads provide pefect shooting experience.

Military quality

This flexible ear cup is made of durable ABS and uses high-quality rubber paint, which has a better touch than other earmuffs and better protection that will not fade when exposed under the irradiation of UV for a long time and effectively reduce scratches in outdoor environments. Reinforced immortal steel frame, so you don't have to worry about any impact in the shooting environment. 

The outer layer of the ear pad is made of high-quality PU, which is more comfortable and durable and is comes with snap-in design which allows you change the ear pads at any time.

Slim ear cup

The tight and impact inner components make the ear cup with a slim structure which will not block the shooters movement

Folding structure

Folding structure allows shooters carry the earmuff conveniently, and it fits easily into a carry-on backpack. 


Process and technical parameters
Noise reduction modeDigital active noise reduction
Reaction time0.005s
Noise reduction rateNRR 22 dB, SNR 27dB
Ear cup materialDurable ABS
Headband materialEVA & nylon elastic material
Ear cushionReplaceable gel filler ear pads
Net weight0.365g
WaterproofingIPX 4
CertificatesCE ANSI ROHS FCC

Customized service

EM030, Bluetooth shooting hearing ear protector

EM026 Elecrtonic Shooting Hearing Protector

Flexible customization:

Custom structure:Option:
LogoSprayed Printed / coining
Ear cupColor / pattern
HeadbandPu / EVA & Nylon texture / Other
Ear padFoam pad / gel filler pad
PackingColor box / zip case / white box
Other spare partscolor
Deep customization:
Function develop
Structure design
Bluetooth name
Mode design
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