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EM032 Candy Kids Hearing Protector

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These Baby Headphones for Concerts are designed to protect the extra-sensitive hearing of children aged 3 to 12 against damaging noise. The Children's Hearing Protection supports a variety of use scenarios, such as parties, parades, fireworks shows, concerts, and car and motorcycle races. The entire earmuff weighs only 180 grams, and the headband and ear pad are filled with a sponge for comfort and noise reduction. We have paired these Youth Earmuffs with a variety of fun colors so that children can wear them to become the cutest member of the crowd. The Baby Headphones for Concerts can be folded, so they are easy to take along. The Baby Headphones for Concerts fold up and fit easily into a backpack.

The Candy Kids Hearing Protector by ZH Tech is a delightful solution for safeguarding your child's precious ears while immersing them in the world of music and entertainment. Our cutting-edge product, aptly referred to as "Baby Headphones for Concerts," ensures that your little ones can enjoy the magic of sound without compromising their well-being.

Designed with the utmost care, our Baby Headphones for Concerts offer unparalleled noise protection for toddlers and children. We understand the importance of cherishing every moment, and that's why our Kids Hearing Protector is here to make memories unforgettable and safe. Whether it's a lively concert or a family event, rest assured that your child's hearing is in good hands.

Kids Ear Defender Features

Baby Headphones for Concerts

Supreme comfort and durability

Crafted with premium, skin friendly materials, our 360° rotatable cups and ultra soft ear cushions fully encompass your child's ears, providing long lasting comfort. 

Tested and proved noise reduction

Compliant with ANSI S3.19-1974 and CE EN 352-1 standard, Baby Headphones for Concerts provide an NRR of 25dB, effectively reducing harmful noise without blocking out all sounds. 

Compact easy carry

These Baby Headphones for Concerts come with a travel-friendly design, saying goodbye to meltdowns. The adjustable headband and 360° rotatable cups allow you to fold the earmuffs into a compact size, fitting even the smallest spaces.


Designed for Various Ages

Baby Headphones for Concerts is designed to fit children aged 3 to 12 years old. The meticulous craftsmanship ensures that the high visibility colors remain bright and fade-resistant over time, keeping your children safe and noticeable in any environment and weather condition. With vibrant and flamboyant colors that will captivate your kids' attention, they'll love wearing these fun and stylish earmuffs.

Attenuation table
Frequency Hz631252505001000200040008000
Average noise reduction value dB12.98.815.022.029.426.535.636.5
Standard deviation dB4.4
expected noise reduction value in dB (APV)8.5

Baby Headphones for Concerts

Unleash the joy of music festivals and concerts with the Infant Ear Protection for Concerts feature. Our Candy Kids Hearing Protector ensures that even the littlest concertgoers can enjoy the festivities without any worries. The Children's Hearing Protection we offer is not just about safeguarding ears; it's about creating a lasting bond between your child and the world of music.

Candy Kids Hearing Protector Specifications
Ear cupDurable ABS
Ear cushionSkin-friendly PVC and PU
Net weight180 grams
Noise reduce rateNRR 25dB
ColorBlack, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green

Baby Headphones for Concerts

When it comes to the best ear defenders for kids, ZH Tech stands as an industry leader. Our Ear Solutions cater to the unique needs of young ones, providing them with a comfortable and secure fit that enhances their experience without causing discomfort. With our Youth Earmuffs, your child can dive into the world of music while staying shielded from excessive noise levels.

 Customization opton
Logo printing position:Ear cover / headband
Ear cover:Color change
Ear cushion:Color change
Headband:Color change
Packing:Whit box / color box
Deep customization
Function develop
Structure design
Bluetooth name
Mode design

ZH Tech's commitment to innovation extends to those with unique sensory needs. Our Ear Defenders for Autistic Child provide a safe haven amidst bustling environments, granting comfort and tranquility to children who deserve an exceptional auditory experience.    

Empower your child's exploration of sound with the Baby Headphones for Concerts by ZH Tech. Embrace the harmonious blend of entertainment and safety as they embark on a journey filled with melodies and wonder. Choose the ultimate Ear Noise Protection for Infants and ensure that your child's hearing remains as sweet as the memories they create.

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